Some Very Sad, Very Happy News

Ladies (and gents), I have some news for everybody- a little sad, but mostly happy.

First, a brief explanation of the background, otherwise known as exposition: Of the four of us, three have our own blogs, two are college students, and all of us are busy with our own goals and projects this year. You may have noticed our sporadic (or nonexistent) posting schedule lately. Well, that’s why. In light of this, we have made a two decisions.

The sad news: A Heart Devoted is leaving the internet.


But, before you get miserable thinking about how you’ll miss our posts…

The happy news: We’re going to post AHD stuff on our personal blogs.

That means that, instead of just one blog of devoted-heart-stuff, you get three blogs mixed with all other sorts of blogger-y things! Isn’t that nice?

Of course, we’re all sad to see AHD go. We have been glad for the chance to connect with bloggers here, and we have learned a lot about writing and blogging from a Christian perspective. But we’re looking forward to using AHD as a springboard for our other sites.

See you there!

In Pursuit

Hannah A. Krynicki

Learned in the Lore

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