Ashlyn’s Biography

I hate to break promises.

For example, Amanda might have promised you that my story is more interesting than hers. That is one promise I have to break on her behalf. My story begins not with intriguing stories of the “real” Caribbean, but with a perfectionist I call me.

Every personality type quiz labels me with a different letter, characteristic, or even color, but every analysis has told me the same thing about myself: I am here to do it and do it right. If I think I have failed, the world as I know it has officially come to an end. As I said before, I hate to break promises.

Then I found out that every single person who has lived in this vast world has broken the most important promise ever made- that is, everyone except for one person. Everyone except Jesus Christ has failed to obey God. That is what we call sin. God cannot be around sin. He was more than loving to give us a Book that tells us that we disobeyed and consequently deserve eternal death. Again, the world as we know it would have ended there. Yet my parents told me the rest of the story as written in the Book. God has a plan, and He wants us to turn from our sin and be part of His story. He made a way for us to be with Him once again by sending his son Jesus Christ, fully God yet fully man, to live a perfect life and take our wages- death. Because He was God, Jesus resurrected and told us that if we repent from our sin and have faith that He will save us, we will have eternal life with Him.

In the meantime, what should we do on earth? The Book told us about that too. As Andy Stanley says, you should try reading it sometime. Our job as Christians is to follow God and do his will, more specifically, to spread the good news of salvation. You might call it a Commission. Therefore, everything you see written by me on this blog stems from that assignment.

Just before I turned sixteen, God showed my parents that it was his will for our family to move halfway across the country, from Pennsylvania to Texas. This was a heartbreaking dream come true for me; heartbreaking because of the farewells to friends, and a dream come true because I had longed to live in Texas since I was twelve. Here, we believe, our job is to affect our community for the glory of God.

But, if you’ll allow me to quote Jean Valjean, who am I? I am an eighteen-year old daughter to the coolest parents in the world and big sister to nine siblings. Though math-logical, I am still a lover of history, art, and fantasy, particularly the Middle Ages, da Vinci, and hobbits (respectively). I also play three instruments, research random subjects avidly when the fancy strikes me, and write books in speculative genres.

I might be called a writer, a right-hand girl, or quite possibly a nerd, but I hope that I am first of all a Christ-follower. I have not learned nearly as much as I’d like to, but I have learned many things that I want to share with other Christian girls, and I hope what I have to say will encourage them.

Read about the other girls, look at our blog posts, or even leave a comment; it’s all up to you.

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