Riley’s Biography

Life is a roller coaster. Sometimes you feel high and so close to God, other times you’re upside down in the middle of confusion and doubt. If I’ve learned anything in the past three crazy years of my life, it’s that God will work everything out for good, and you can trust Him.

The first eleven years of my life I lived a normal Christian Florida girl life. I had been dancing since the age of four with an amazing christian dance studio, which my family and I loved. All four of my grandparents lived very close to us (a 20 minute drive at the most), dance was great, and everything was perfect. That is, until my life came crashing down with the news that we might be moving out of state. Nothing was forcing us to move, my dad’s job was stable, and we had no family in any other state. My dreams of dancing at the studio forever were shattered, and my nightmare of moving away from everything I had ever known was coming true.

I was bitter for the longest time, but as I talked with God and He showed me my sin, I accepted that God’s plan was for us to move. In September 2013, just a few days after my thirteenth birthday, we packed our rented U-Haul trailer full of stuff and moved to Houston, Texas. Actually we moved to a two bedroom apartment in Cypress, TX first, but that’s another story for another time. We were planning on moving into a house in Cypress, but God had other plans.

Because dance is something I loved doing, my mom found a christian dance school 45 minutes away from Cypress. So after three months and many lessons learned in the apartment, we moved into a house in the Woodlands. I attended the dance school for the rest of the year, but soon decided that wasn’t where God wanted me to be. I wanted to worship God through dance, and I wasn’t able to do that there. I talked with some of the girls and that summer we formed Beautiful Feet, a Christian dance ministry. (check out For the first time I saw the benefits of our move. God has done so much, including prompting me to start a blog (, and start Beautiful Feet.

So that’s a little bit of my story, of course there is always more to tell, but I don’t want to waste your time with my crazy stories of apartment life (did I mention that me and my three younger siblings all shared one room then?!?), so I’ll just tell you some fun facts about me. I’m fourteen years old and have one younger sister and two younger brothers. I enjoy dancing (if you didn’t catch that earlier), playing outside, writing stories (which never seen to turn into anything, but I hope the one I’m working on now will…:)), and playing with my siblings. I’m homeschooled (Woo-Hoo!), and still trying to get used to this weird Texas weather. (Ok, I need to stop now, this is going way too long…Don’t stop reading…I promise I’m almost done!!)

If you are in the upside down part of your life, remember that God is always in control, and that the roller coaster won’t stay upside down forever. 🙂

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