An Awesome God

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Did you ever consider how powerful God is? I mean, did you ever just look at what He has done and marvel at it? It’s amazing how He could simply speak and create a whole world and all the things in it that take care of it.

You know, humans are completely unable to do that. And oh yes, they have tried. Once, scientists tried to create a self-sustaining system in an airtight building that stretched 3.15 acres in Arizona. It was called ‘Biosphere 2’. They spent seven years and $200,000,000 researching for and preparing Biosphere 2. Even after all that, with all the research and ingenious scientists, Biosphere 2 started running out of oxygen and the animals and plants that had been placed there started to die after only sixteen months! There were many things that had gone wrong with Biosphere 2, but the main reason it failed was because they did not have enough decomposers (small organisms that break down the dead remains of other organisms) to recycle the remains of all the dead organisms.

Now, just consider this for a moment: the scientists who designed Biosphere 2 used materials that were already made, and they used animals and plants in it that were also already made. All of their work- which failed- took a lot of time and money to build, and yet God’s system has never failed, and He made His own materials, and it only took six days for Him to create an entire universe with humans in it!

How astounding is it that He who spoke everything into being still pays attention to us and still cares for us? And how much more amazing is it that He sent His only son to die for us?

God deserves every bit of praise that we give Him and even more than we give Him. If you don’t think so, just look out your window! He created all that you see!

Just marvel at that! Praise God that He still forgives us even when we have sinned so many times! Better yet, how about you spend some time with him?

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