Being A Mirror Of God

One of my favorite things to do is be outside. I love sitting in the trees in our backyard, drinking in the fresh air. When we’re on the road I gaze out the window, trying to fathom how people can believe that chance or a big bang created things so complicated and beautiful.

The other day my dad found a little red eared slider turtle in our backyard. As I studied Fredrick Ty Melvin (the name we gave the turtle), I was amazed at his design. The bright yellows and greens of his shell were extraordinary enough, but how they twisted and rolled in a breathtaking design, blew me away. The simple fact that little Fredrick Ty can pull his neck, tail and limbs into the protective shell, which is a work of art and a shield at the same time, is awesome.

I love the way God shows us little glimpses of Himself, without really showing Himself. Let me explain. When I see a tree I am reminded of the strength, yet gentleness of it’s Creator. When I see wildflowers I am reminded of the creativity and beauty of God. When I watch Fredrick pull his limbs inside his shell I am reminded of God’s great protection for us, and His wisdom. You see, creation reflects the Creator (capital C). If this world was created by a big bang in outer-space, wouldn’t the trees just look like globs of wet play dough and the animals unorganized and dull?

When we look into creation (animals, flowers, plants, trees…) we should be reminded of God. Why? Because creation is God’s mirror. He made the trees to give us little glimpses of Himself, before we stand in His glory in heaven.

“The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim his handiwork.” -Psalm 19:1

Creation is God’s mirror. And guess what? WE are part of that creation! We are God’s handiwork, after all He did create us (Genesis 1:26-28). It is our duty but more importantly our privilege to reflect God. How would you like it if you created something and then it pretended like you didn’t exist?!

How do we reflect God? It’s pretty simple: we need to be like God in all we do. That means what we watch on TV, what video games we play, the way we talk, the way we dress, and everything we do should look like God. But I’ve got bad news and good news. (Bad news first!) We can never ever ever look like God in everything we do. Yes, that’s right; because of our sin we can never be perfect; we can never be just like God. (Now the good news, which honestly cancels out the bad news). Jesus came to earth, and died so that WE, yes, you and me, can be free from sin, be pure and holy and ultimately live with God in heaven after we die.

So does this mean we will never sin? No. Does it mean we can sin all we want because we’ll get forgiven anyway? No. Does it mean that we can finally be like God and reflect Him? DEFINITELY. If you haven’t asked God for forgiveness for your sins, contact us by email and we will share with you how we became Christians, and how you can join us in this amazing job of being mirrors of God.

Fredrick Ty Melvin ! 😀

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