Currently Left-Handed

Hey, everyone! Poor Riley is still having trouble with her account, so I have posted this on her behalf. 

69f51eb67f835c15c547f0cc3030999d[1]Displaying 69f51eb67f835c15c547f0cc3030999d[1].jpgDisplaying 69f51eb67f835c15c547f0cc3030999d[1].jpgI have run into a number of things in my lifetime. The microwave door, the countertop, doorways, the wall, supermarket carts, and especially the floor have all given me bumps and bruises. Some would call me clumsy (and I would agree), but I do believe God has allowed me to get hurt so I can learn something. So as you’ve probably guessed, here comes the lesson that I’ve learned from my recent encounter with concrete.

It is not a good idea to ride down a steep, long, concrete street on a razor scooter. It is not a good idea to forget about the brakes and try to use your feet instead when you are going down a steep, long concrete street way too fast. But thank you God for hands that automatically try to stop our falls. But when our hands try to stop our falls, they usually end up getting the worst of the cuts and bruises. This was the case with my situation.

My right hand took all the force of my fall, and it received a lovely quarter-sized scrape. ‘Scrape’ as in all the skin completely gone from this one area in my hand. Sorry for that visual. Anyway, it was painful, and I was actually surprised that I didn’t cry (oh yeah). However, my hand suffered for the rest of the day, as I was unable to move my fingers without pain. And in case you didn’t know, I’m right handed, which meant the homework which was due the next day would have to wait.

As a result my left hand stepped up to the plate. It was now in charge of holding the hairbrush, fork, toothbrush, and other foreign things. Through this struggle I learned an important lesson.

When God eliminates one option, it’s because He wants you to use the other option. When you are forced to be left-handed, look at it as an opportunity to strengthen your barely used non-dominate hand. 

Maybe God has forced you to be left-handed right now, due to an option that He prevented. Would you join me in being thankful that God is using our left-handedness (yes I just made up a word) to strengthen us? God’s gonna use your situation, I can’t promise how or when, but just know that He will. And if I can believe God can use my wimpy left-handedness, than you better believe He can use your situation for good.

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  1. Allie Taylor says:

    This is so powerful! Can I re-post this on my blog? I will give you all the credit, I just want everyone who comes across my blog to read this! Keep writing!

    • Ashlyn says:

      Hi, Allie! Riley says: “I’m glad you could apply this to your life, Allie! Of course you can re-post, thank you for asking :)”

  2. Alliana says:

    Great job on your article! Great insight too. I am so sorry to hear you got into a scooter accident! Hope you get better soon! 🙂

  3. Amanda W. says:

    Thank you so much for this post, Riley!! These points are really relevant to my life right now, and your words are such an encouragement! I love this blog – keep writing! 🙂

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