Mission Statement 101



Amanda’s explained the “Who Are We” part of the mission statement, Olivia covered “What We Stand For; Why”, and Ashlynn wrote about “Who Will We Serve; How”, so you are probably wondering what I am going to share, as there are no more parts of our mission statement. Well, we are going to explore what a mission statement really is, why it is important, and why in the world you need to understand this.

The definition of a mission statement (according to Google) is: a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual. Notice that it doesn’t specify any ages or skill level, only that you must have aims and values. For Christians, those aims and values reflect the Bible, and their purpose in the ministry should ultimately glorify the Lord. If I was to give you my definition of a mission statement, I think it would be this:

A Mission Statement is the goals of your ministry and plans of how you hope God will work through it.

Now understand; your goals and plans shouldn’t stop after you write them out. A mission statement is an ongoing statement of your service (in the past, present, and future) to the Lord and His people. You would probably get frustrated if we wrote in our mission statement that our purpose is to reach out to tween and teen girls, but in all of our posts we talked about football and pizza! What we publish day after day, week after week, month after month and hopefully year after year, should always reflect the mission statement, and ALWAYS reflect Jesus. Therefore, we need to be constantly living out what we’ve agreed to in the statement.

Now, you may be thinking, why is she telling me this? I’m not planning on writing a mission statement anytime soon! Have you ever dreamed of starting a ministry? Maybe your talent is blogging, or maybe you have a heart for the homeless. Perhaps you want to encourage people in their faith, or raise money for an orphanage. Whatever your passion is, God has given you it for His glory. And with that passion, He has given you the resources and the strength to start a ministry.

The first big step is writing out your hopes and dreams of how God will use you (aka a mission statement). I’m here to encourage you and to share with you that starting a ministry is not just for adults, and YOU no matter how young or weak you believe you are, can do it! God sent you to this earth for a purpose. Won’t you run after Him and start impacting the world? So grab a piece of paper and get started!!



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