Mission Statement

Who are we?

-We are a group of Christian, teenage girls who love God and others, and enjoy writing for His glory. We strive to serve God, please Him, and encourage other girls to do the same. Our differences are many; we come from different churches and backgrounds and even have different ways of writing. But we do have one major thing in common: Jesus Christ.

What do we stand for? Why?

-The Bible is inspired by God, and is true. Prayer is how we talk to God, show our dependence on God, and one of the ways that we learn to love Him more.  We believe in serving God with our lives- we (try to) die daily unto self, treat others as we have been treated, and love as He loves. Worship occurs all the time, not only in a song service, but throughout the week. Family is God’s gift to us and should be treasured as such. As our hearts grow more devoted to God, we hold these beliefs, daily striving to serve, worship, and get to know our Creator God.

Whom do we want to serve, and what will we do for them?

-Our goal is to serve other young teen and tween girls no matter who, what, or where they are in life. We wish to use the Bible to guide them to live lives that glorify God and are full of purpose. We’ll share our own experiences and lessons we’ve learned, while encouraging them to love, teach, and serve the way Christ did: with a heart devoted to the Father.

Join us as we dig a little deeper in our mission statement! Read the posts under the Mission Statement category.

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