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(Note: Sorry it took us so long to get this series up. Our intent was to post it in January; we hope you enjoy it just the same in February…)

New Years is an interesting time of year. We tend to look back at the past as we think about what has happened in the last year. We think about what we enjoyed and cringe over everything that we did not like. I often find myself reminiscing about old friends, fun memories, and years that have long since passed. But as we look back, most people also look forward. We ask questions like, “What do I want my life to look like in a year from now?” I often think about what will be different. We consider what we want to change. This New Year, however, I have also had something else running through my brain. I have been wondering, how can we use this holiday to honor Christ, and learn to be more dependent on Him?

Someone recently challenged me to stop getting stuck in the past. What did they mean by that? Well, I have a habit of looking back to what has happened, and wishing that I could be back there (wherever there is at the time) again. On New Year’s Eve, I often wish that I could be back in Curacao, spending time with my family, and watching magnificent fireworks light up the sky at our annual party (For those of you who don’t know, I used to live in the Dutch Caribbean, where my dad is from. The island I lived on, Curacao, has amazing fireworks displays on New Years Eve, and my family always invited my friends and relatives to ring in the new year with us!). But even though those days were great, I should not let myself stop there. I need to look back to everything God did in the past and be encouraged by that in the present. What Christ has done builds my confidence in what He will do.

So keeping with that thought, Ashlyn, Olivia, Riley, and I want to do something special for this post. Each of us has written a story about God’s work in our lives. We hope that you will be encouraged by our stories, and that the Spirit will encourage you in your walk with Christ through the stories we are sharing of ours. This post will be much longer than what we usually write, so feel free to read as many or as few of the stories as you would like. Happy New Year!

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