Showing & Sharing Jesus [Part 1]

  Preaching the Good News. It’s something every Christian is told to do. But it can be extremely difficult and awkward to share Jesus with others. In this two-part post, I’m writing not to tell you how to preach at people, but to walk through this topic with you. So we’ll learn and grow together, okay?

The book of Matthew ends with a call for the Christian life: to preach the Good News to the world. So as Christians we must complete this call, or in other words follow this call, as it will never be complete until Jesus comes back. “Sharing Jesus”, as I will call telling others about Jesus, can be awkward.

I remember the first time I shared Jesus with someone. That someone was my cousin, who is about two years younger than I. I must have been seven or eight at the time, because our conversation started in the shower together. I simply asked her: “Do you think you are going to heaven when you die?”.

She answered “yes”, so I asked “why?”. Her answer was as I expected it to be: “because I’m good.” I then told her as gently and as thoroughly as a seven year-old could, that being ‘good’ won’t earn us Salvation. If it did how would we know how good was good enough? Then our conversation launched into a full on story of Jesus, from birth to resurrection. By this time my cousin and I were out of the shower and sitting in cozy pjs on the bed we shared at my grandmas house.

I asked her if she wanted to join God’s family, and to my delight, she replied “yes”. Next I led her in a prayer for Salvation, just as I’d heard the pastor of our church lead others so many Sundays before. Then I hugged her, welcoming her to God’s family, and walked out of the room.

I didn’t know her heart, whether or not she sincerely meant the prayer she had repeated, but I felt joy in knowing that I had obeyed God. 

Finding a way to bring it up and then continuing the conversation about Christ without embarrassing yourself, or making the person uncomfortable, is tricky. My best advice on this part is to ask God to create a situation where you can share your Faith without the awkwardness. Keep in mind that sharing Jesus is not guaranteed to be easy. In fact, sometimes God allows it to be really really hard.
Sharing Jesus may be as easy as asking your cousin if he or she knows where they will go after life on earth. Or it may be more challenging.

Our first attempts (or any attempts for that matter) to share Jesus can sometimes leave us never wanting to do it again. But, I want to encourage you to never give up.

Here is your challenge for the week: Pray for God to open doors of  opportunity for you to share Jesus with others. Remember that sharing Jesus with people doesn’t earn us Salvation, but if we are saved we should want others to be saved as well.

Next time I post, we’ll dig a little bit deeper into sharing Jesus, and how easy it is to share Jesus by showing Jesus. Until next time, thanks for reading and God bless! 

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