Stop Hitting SNOOZE

“What have you learned this year? What had God taught you?” I squirmed when the Bible Study leader asked it to the group. Unfortunately, my brain was empty. No answers here… I watched as each of the ladies answered. Real, live, truthful answers. Was I going to let the question come to me only to say: “I don’t know…”?

So I launched into a frantic brain-racking session.

By the time it was my turn to share I had found a answer. I started high school in 2015. (Yikes). Along with the excitement (and dread) of the last four years of school, came temptation.

Temptation to snooze.

Let me explain: Teenagers could be described as rude, thoughtless, dumb, selfish, and immature. They are known to not only hit the snooze button on their alarm clocks, but also on life in general.

Especially in high school. Students party, drink, and ruin the most important part of their lives. I have no intentions of going out drinking or partying, but I am tempted to hit the snooze button more than once, or not set the alarm at all. I am tempted to grab a sweet snack whenever I want, or spend hours staring at a screen.

“Do Hard Things” by the Harris twins inspired me to look past all that. The in-between time of teens is to propel you towards adulthood, not take you back to childhood.

That’s what 2015 has taught me. It doesn’t mean that I’m not tempted anymore, but it does mean that I want to use these in between years to glorify God and be productive.

If you haven’t read “Do Hard Things” yet, I STRONGLY encourage you to pick up a copy and read it. 🙂


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