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A month or two ago, I wrote a post that was all about what I was excited about and eagerly anticipating for the summer. The thing I told you about was the Summit. Well, I’m glad to say that I am now back from that adventure, and as promised, I will be sharing my experiences with you. As it turns out though, my attempts at writing about it so far have been way too long. So, the girls and I decided that I should make my experience into a series. Today, I’ll be telling you about some fun things I did at the Summit, some awesome memories I made, and the posts I will be putting up in the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy reading these!


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The Summit was an amazing experience. It was full of learning, friendships, games, and good food. I learned so much in those two weeks both mentally and spiritually. I grew a lot as a person. Now that I’m back home, I miss it. However, even as I miss it, I see that it has prepared me to make a difference.

My favorite things at the Summit included
– My small group. We met every other day throughout the Summit.*
My small group leader. She made a huge impact on my life.*
– Lecture hall. We spent over five hours in class every day. The lectures covered every topic from History to Economics, Worldviews to Abortion, and Leadership to Following God.*
– Open Forums. They were easily one of my favorite parts. Open forums were when a speaker from your day would sit on the front porch and answer any question that you can come up with.
– Friends. The Christian community I made at Summit is one of the defining characteristics of my time there.*
– Food. Anyone and everyone who has ever been to the Summit loves the food there. The Kitchen staff does a great job cooking meals. We never ate the same meal twice!
– Red Mountain. Red mountain, (elevation 8,000′) is a mountain near the Hotel. It takes about 30-45 min to climb, it’s beautiful, and it’s nice exercise!
– The Hotel. Built in the late 1800s, the Summit Hotel is a beautiful old building nestled into Colorado mountains. It’s cute, quaint, and a really nice place to stay.
– Sports time. Two or three time a week, we’d all pack onto busses and drive over to a local park for sports, card games, talking, or resting, as each person chose.

Things that stuck out (and taught responsibility):*
– Room Checks. We had to daily clean our rooms to make sure they passed inspection. Though it might seem annoying to have to clean your room, being required to do so actually made you feel more comfortable every time you laid down in bed.
– KP. Kitchen Pit, or KP is the disciplinary action at the Summit. It was a great reminder to follow the rules!
– Sign-out sheets. Every time you leave the hotel, you need to sign out with a buddy. It was nice to know they were watching out for us!

Funny Stories and Favorite Memories:
– The Cube Test! Call it a personality test if you want, the Cube Test left us with some of the greatest inside jokes ever!
– Meeting Angi.*
– Meeting one of my roommates before we even got to the Summit. We met each other while waiting to board our plane. We ended up on the same row of the plane (but on opposite ends), and when we got to the Summit, we had the same room!
– Same-Sex Marriage. Can you believe I got into a debate about that on the flight overย to the Summit?
– Pranks my small group leader played. **Cough** after lights out **cough, cough** ๐Ÿ˜€
– Pulling weeds for community service.
– Meeting a good friend on the bus ride to sports time.
– Sleepover! A couple of friends and I had a sleepover on the last night of the Summit ๐Ÿ™‚
– Hearing Nightwatch stories. A few of the staff members stay up all night to chase off bears and hippies. My small group leader happened to be one of them, so I got to hear a bunch of fun stories!

Well, that’s about it ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you liked my list! My next posts will describe some of these things in greater detail later. If it has a star (*) next to it, you’ll get to hear about it ๐Ÿ™‚ Tomorrow, I’ll start off by telling you about my small group leader.

Whatever the list I just gave you may be, my time at the Summit was really amazing. It was full of learning, in class, with others, and with the help of others. As much fun as it was, I wouldn’t recommend that anyone go to the Summit just for enjoyment’s sake. I would, however, encourage anyone who gets the chance to go. The things I learned at the Summit changed me, and will stick with me for the rest of my life.

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