What Do We Stand For? Why?



Today I am going to (try to) explain our answer to the second question in the Mission Statement: What do we stand for? and why? So here’s the answer, and my explanations are below it.

The Bible is inspired by God, and is true. Prayer is how we talk to God, show our dependence on God, and one of the ways that we learn to love Him more.  We believe in serving God with our lives- we (try to) die daily unto self, treat others as we have been treated, and love as He loves. Worship occurs all the time, not only in a song service, but throughout the week. Family is God’s gift to us and should be treasured as such. As our hearts grow more devoted to God, we hold these beliefs, daily striving to serve, worship, and get to know our Creator God.

1st Sentence: God inspired men in the Bible to write and told them what to write. Every word in it is true, and we believe that everything God said has come, is coming, or will come true.

2nd Sentence: Not many people realize how important prayer actually is! The fact that every day, whenever we want to, we can come before the throne of God and worship him and lay our burdens and requests before him is so amazing! Having a personal relationship with God is extremely important. I have found out the hard way that we can’t live our lives without him, no matter how hard we try to, and still have the joy and peace and love that comes through him. I could go on for a while about this, but for now just know that there is nothing here on earth that you can do that is more powerful than praying.

3rd Sentence: Giving God our lives does not mean just saying that you are sorry for your sins and then getting your ‘ticket to heaven’; it means always becoming more like Jesus, and becoming less and less like the world.

4th Sentence: Worship is (sort of) another way of praying. Real worship happens when we focus on God, and praise him from our hearts, not just focusing on singing a song the proper way. 🙂

5th Sentence: Through our families we grow more like God than we usually notice. In addition to preparing us for the days when we will (hopefully) have our own families and children to care for, we have best friends who will never think less of you, and as my mother says ‘Friends will come and go, but your siblings will always be there for you’.

I hope that from this post you have learned a little more about what we stand for. 🙂

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