Who Are We?


Hi all, Amanda here!

First’s are always huge. There’s the first time you ride a bike, the first time you eat ice cream, and the first time you sit behind the wheel of a car. Today marks a first for me: my first blog post.  Unlike the other girls here at AHD, I’ve never even contributed to a blog, let alone been a regular writer.  Even though we have different levels of experience in writing we all have a common goal: to glorify Christ.  Today I’m explaining who we are at AHD.

In our mission statement, we explain ourselves in the following way:

Who are we?

-We are a group of Christian, teenage girls who love God and others, and enjoy writing for His glory. We strive to serve God, please Him, and encourage other girls to do the same. Our differences are many; we come from different churches and backgrounds and even have different ways of writing. But we do have one major thing in common: Jesus Christ.

First off, you may want to know a bit more about us.  Well, we are a group of four girls who God brought together.  He gave us all a love for others and the gift of writing.  We all come from fairly-large to large homeschooling families.  I myself am one of five, Riley is one of four, and the sisters are two of nine-going-on-ten siblings.  We all have been raised to love God, and now do so with all our hearts.  We struggle like everyone does, and many of our posts will prove that.  In the end, our aim is to write for the glory of our God.  Our hope and prayer is that some of our struggles will help you walk through your own.

We want to serve God in all we do.  We want to please Him with our lives. However, as we strive to do these things, we also recognize that we can do nothing on our own. Our ability comes from God alone. God has also given us a heart for other teen girls, and we want to serve others like Christ served. One way to do so is with our writing. So, we write for God, for others, and for fun.

So how are we different? If you asked Ashlyn, she’d have a better answer, and it’d probably include one of the personality tests she and Olivia love to take.  To me, our differences are a whole lot more superficial.  We come from different families, were born in quite a few different places.  Its amazing that we all ended up knowing each other when you consider each of our histories.  From Rhode Island, to the Caribbean, to Pennsylvania and Florida, our lives have taken many different paths. We go to different churches, tackle school in different ways, and have different ways of handling kiddos.  Our writing styles are incredibly different, as you will soon come to know, but even so, we are friends.  Jesus Christ is what unites us.  He gave us personalities that mesh well together.  He brought us together, and without His provision, we would have never met.  He is what we have in common.  We all write for Him and through His gifts.

Who would have ever guessed that old friends who never expected to see each other again would suddenly decide to move to the same state, at the same time? I didn’t but God did. He knew that Riley and I would both move to the same state at the same time.  None of us ever expected to move to Texas, or to meet each other.  God expected it, and He planned it perfectly.  We give thanks to Him for our salvation, friendship, and blog. He is Good.  He is worth it.  We live to serve Him.

Do you realize how God is ordering your steps in life and ordaining your relationships? How are you using your gifts, talents, and even friendships to glorify God?


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