Whom Do We Want to Serve? How?

Ashlyn here today. I’d like to expound upon the third paragraph of our mission statement. Amanda, describing who we are, explained that we define ourselves as devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Then Olivia, talking about what we stand for and why, gave an explanation of what we believe, all based on God’s Word. Now I’ll give you the full answer to the final question:

Whom do we want to serve, and what will we do for them?

– Our goal is to serve other young teen and tween girls no matter who, what, or where they are in life. We wish to use the Bible to guide them to live lives that glorify God and are full of purpose. We’ll share our own experiences and lessons we’ve learned, while encouraging them to love, teach, and serve the way Christ did: with a heart devoted to the Father.

In answer to the first part of the question, as it says, we want to serve as many other young teen and tween girls as we can. In the past people have used town criers, the printing press, almanacs, and newspapers, but in today’s culture one of the best media for reaching people is through the internet. We knew we could help many girls by starting our own blog.

Which girls? Note that the mission statement doesn’t say “other young teen and tween girls who go to church” or “…who are Christians”, but rather “…girls no matter who, what, or where they are in life.” In short, any girl is welcomed here.

So what will we do for them? We’ll write posts, yes, but what will the posts say? As the mission statement asserts, we’ll always be coming back to the Bible. Since God’s Word is our source of truth, we’ll be explaining what the Bible says, backing up the things we say with verses, and using the Word to encourage anyone that reads what we write. For example, check out 1 Timothy 3:16-17.

Besides talking about the Bible, we’ll be sharing our own experiences. People can learn the easy way or the hard way; no matter which way we learned, we want to help other girls learn the easy way. Sometimes a story is the best way to talk to others. I could write a series of essays on faith and trials- or I could tell you about the hardest time of my life and how it taught me to trust God.

What is our goal in all of this teaching and sharing? In a word- we want to give encouragement. We’ll be spurring you on in your daily life. We’ll try to answer questions you have. We’ll be encouraging you to live the way Jesus did on earth.

We hope to encourage girls to love God and others according to the two greatest commandments. Love is an action, not a feeling. Love is to care about others more than oneself. We want to show how love really works.

We want to help these girls prepare to share in turn the things they have learned and teach others to live like Jesus. Look at Matthew 28:19-20, and you’ll see that Christians have a lot of teaching to do. Whether you call yourself a Christian or not, we hope to encourage you with truth on this blog.

Finally, we want to encourage girls to serve. What in the world does “serve” mean, anyway? Dictionary.com’s fifth definition says: “to render assistance; be of use; help.” So we’ll be serving (helping) you through the things we write, and at the same time we’ll encourage you to serve others.

So that’s our goal- to encourage by teaching, loving, and serving. I can’t wait to get started.

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